Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology

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Novel technical approaches

Another focus of our group is the development and utilization of novel and highly innovative methods for cardiac in vivo and in vitro physiology, for confocal Ca2+- and voltage imaging, for endo-lysosomal patch clamp, and for quantitative FRET microscopy. Part of these methods have been developed in my group and were published in Science Signaling, Nature Communications, Circulation as well as in three recent papers in Nature Protocols. For these methods, we regularly organized workshops within the TRR/CRC152, dealing with FRET (title: “FRET –“seeing” molecular interactions”), with the endo-lysosomal patch clamp method (title: “whole-endosomal patch-clamp approach”), and focusing on single channel recordings (title: “ion channels of excitable membranes 2016”).