Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology

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Renkawitz Group

Renkawitz Group

Immune Cells to Discover Principles in Molecular & Cell Biology. The immune system consists of an elaborate orchestration of various cell types specialized for different molecular processes. Due to the spectrum of these specializations, immune cells represent an intriguing cellular model to identify general molecular and cell biological principles. We employ immune cells to unravel the basic mechanisms and principles of cell motility such as during cell migration, macropinocytosis and leukocyte trafficking. Our lab interdisciplinary combines advanced live-cell microscopy, genetic-engineering (e.g. CRISPR), custom-made micro-environments (e.g. microfluidics, 3D collagen matrices) and unbiased system-wide approaches. Thereby we aim to identify fundamental molecular principles and their misregulation in disease.


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